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Paper Shredder Servicing

Paper shredders really should be serviced on a regular basis to avoid paper dust build up. The more the machine is used the more frequently the machine will need servicing. Continue Reading

Best Office Paper Shredders for 2011

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Are you sick of throwing good money after bad when in the market for a paper shredder? Well look no further. We have tested a range and narrowed down the field to make it easy for you. We have chosen 3 office shredders which we believe tick all the boxes!

Why are so many paper shredders so unreliable? The answer is common sense really. It’s because they have been built to a price tag. Budget shredders have cheap plastic gears and inefficient motors. They claim to shred paper but all they really do is shred holes in your pockets! So what should you look for when choosing a decent office shredder? Quality internal components! That meaning good quality metal gears and a strong efficient motor. As you might have guessed these qualities come at a price. However it is far better to pay a little more and be satisfied with a shredder which will give you years of reliable service than to skimp on the initial outlay and buy a dud.


We took a good look at a good cross section of paper shredders on the market. After much testing we believe we came up with a range of paper shredders that are good value for money.

For large office shredders  (20 + employees) we found that the IDEAL 4002 is a great paper shredder but it comes with a hefty price tag of around the $4000 mark! It does however have proven track performance and it stands true to its reputation. One issue this machine has is that it requires a 15 amp power point, which will require an electrician to install. It also has a massive 200 litre waste bin which I should mention can be a little heavy when emptying from full! Other than that it really is perfect for a very busy central office shredder.

The Ideal 4002 has a wide feed opening and its powerful motor can handle 35 sheets in the strip cut model and depending on how small you want your shredded particle up to 25 sheets in the larger cross cut model.

Asmix of Japan S621

When it comes to the small to medium office we found the Asmix of Japan S621 cross cut shredder to be a fantastic paper shredder. The main thing you notice ab5out this strong and efficient shredder is just how quiet it is! We didn’t only use the shredder to test it, we had an experienced service technician strip it down and put it through its paces. This is what he found:

The metal gears are exceptionally strong and well manufactured. The cutting shafts are manufactured from hardened steel which can easily handle paper clips, staples, credit cards and CDs. The motor is efficient and uses minimum power to achieve maximum output. It has thermal overheat protection and auto-reverse anti-jam function. In other words the shredder has a high capacity of shredding power but does not draw on too much power. You also don’t need to worry about those annoying paper jams. The technician also commented on the very low noise level advising that this shredder has a low decibel level of 58db! In other words this shredder is whisper quiet which is so important in a busy office.

We really liked this shredder as it has a manageable 72 liter waste bin which did not require shredder bags. The drawer simply pulls out of the machine and it can easily be taken to the recycle bin for emptying. Also because the particles are cross-cut they pack down significantly better than a strip cut shredders hence less frequent emptying required.

Then for the smaller office we couldn’t go past the Asmix of Japan SC 750CD. Like its big brother it is whisper quiet. Asmix also made this little beauty in a deep blue to break tradition. It looks really attractive in the modern office. This machine also had metal gears and a strong, efficient motor. It too has a pull out bin which has a handy see-through panel to view how full the bin is.

Cost Saving! If you wish you can chose to line the pull out bin with normal garbage bags so there is no need to waste money on expensive shredder liners. Again this model is cross cut and offers much higher security than  strip cut shredders. Also this cross cut shredder compacts very neatly inside the waste bin, so that there is less frequency of emptying the waste bin.

Overall a great piece of equipment at a very attractive price of around $800. Most shredders are noisy but not this one! We found it to be exceptionally quiet as noise insulation has been a big consideration in the manufacture of this shredder. Also the powerful and efficient motor is very large for its class. This machine has clearly been well-engineered with good quality components including strong metal gears. It even has a optical media feed with separate disposal bin from the paper waste. We give the Asmix of Japan a 5 star rating!

All about Paper Shredder Security

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Paper shredders are classified according to their specific particle size. Naturally the smaller the particle size the higher the level of security.

strip cut

Strip-cut shredders produce long strips and are often referred to as spaghetti shreds. Strip-cut particles do not compact as tightly in the waste bin in comparison to other forms of shredding, hence more frequent empting of the waste bin is required.

Strip-cut shredders have the lowest level of security of all the paper shredders. It is in fact technical possible that the strips can be literally “unshredded”. The particles can be reassembled if the cost to benefit ratio is feasible. The long strings of paper generally are shredded and tend to stay together in the waste making this process far from an impossible task. This type of corporate or Government espionage is carried out by professional thieves to steal sensitive information which of course can be very valuable to a third party. Therefore many corporations and Government departments who require an effective paper destruction method will choose a more secure form of shredding such as a small cross-cut or even micro-cut which forms shreds or chads similar to confetti particles.

cross cut

Cross-cut shredders work much like strip cut paper shredders, that being their two cutting shafts rotate in opposite directions or contra-rotation. What makes cross cut shredding different is that each shaft has a series of sharp cross sections which intercept the particles and cut the paper cross ways. This mechanism makes the particles smaller and extra compacted. Consequently the paper shreds are significantly more difficult to be reassembled. Cross-cut particles compress efficiently into the waste receptacle than strip-cut shredder particles, hence less frequent emptying of the shredder bin.

Micro-cut shredders offer the highest level of security of all paper shredders. The particles are literally ground into tiny almost dust sized chads. Military and other high security Government information is often destructed using this micro-cut method. Micro-cut and some levels of cross-cut particles are considered SCEC endorsed and rate as A and B Class security levels.

There are numerous standards for the security levels of paper shredders which include:

SCEC is an acronym for the Security Construction and Equipment Committee. It is an interdepartmental committee who assesses and approves security equipment for use by Australian Commonwealth Government departments and agencies. Such bodies are often required to use SCEC endorsed equipment. SCEC endorsed have 2 classifications regarding paper shredders known as A Class and B Class SCEC endorsed.

Class A paper shredders are used for maximum security requirements such as military or for the destruction of other highly sensitive information. Class A particle size needs to be 1mm width x 5mm length or smaller.

Class B are used for very high security requirements. Class B particle size needs to be 0.8mm in width x 13mm in length or smaller.

Other levels of security in paper shredders used by corporations and individual users include:

Security level 4 is used to shred highly confidential documents with particle size being 2mm width x 15mm length or smaller.

Security level 3 is used to destroy confidential documents with cross-cut particle width 4mm width x 80mm length or smaller or strip-cut particles of 2mm in width or smaller.

Security level 2 for documents that should be made unreadable – 6mm strip or smaller
Security level 1 for documents to make illegible – 12mm strip or smaller

SCEC Endorsed Shredders include:

IDEAL 2360
IDEAL 2603
IDEAL 4005
Kobra 240
Kobra 260
Kobra 300
Kobra 400