How to Remove a Drill Bit from a Lihit Paper Drill

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How to Remove a Drill Bit from a Lihit Paper Drill

IMPORTANT! Take caution that the power is switched off and take extreme care not to touch the sharp edge of the drill bit.

First of all you need the tool kit which is provided with your machine. If the kit has gone astray over the years you can purchase a new kit.

You will notice in the drill kit that there is a pair of metal levers. These are the drill extractor levers which resemble shoe horns. One end has a grove which fits into the groove at the top of the drill bit.

Electric paper drills or paper punch drill holes through stacks of paper from 32mm to 50mm in seconds.

When removing your drill bits exercise extreme caution. Use the correct equipment such as the Lihit tool kit and your paper drill will last for many, many years.

With the lip facing downward, position both levers into the grove then leverage the drill bit out of the shaft. When the drill bit is extracted the height adjusting shaft will come loose and drop down.





Lihit drills and paper punches are built to last and easy to use. How to Insert a New Drill Bit

IMPORTANT! Take caution that the power is switched off and take extreme care not to touch the sharp edge of the drill bit.

Take the new drill bit and firmly place the conical end inside the hollow shaft. To secure the drill bit, bring the handle down (ENSURING THE DRILL IS SWITCHED OFF) and butt it up gently against the new baseboard to lock it in place.

Set your height adjuster so that the drill is flush with and slightly indented into the protection strip.

Two Hole Paper Drill Care

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Electric Lihit 2 hole paper drill has a drilling depth of 50mm

This quality 2 hole paper drill or paper punch drill through 50mm paper stack. Lihit quality Japanese drills manufactured for over 60 years.

Dual spindle paper drills such as the Lihit 2005 require regular maintenance as they cannot be sharpened. It is necessary to avoid the waste paper compacting and overheating within the hollow drill bits.

If this occurs the waste paper will block the paper path at the top of the exit shute and may result in significantly damaging the shute.

Drill bits also need to be replaced in pairs as both will blunt at the same rate. If they are not replaced together, the drilling balance will be uneven causing breakage within the gear train of the machine.

Life expectancy of the drill bits will depend on how well the paper drill is maintained. Regular replacement of the protection pads will significantly increase the life of the drill bits. If the machine is well maintained the number of drills you will get from one pair of drill bits would be in the thousands.

So how can you tell if your drill bits need to be replaced? The simple answer is to check the sharpness of the edge of the paper drill regularly.

Warning! With extreme caution to avoid cutting your finger, gently touch the end of the drill bit (when the paper drill is NOT running!). If the edge is relatively smooth and has lost its sharp edge it is time to replace the pair of drill bits.

How many sharpens do you get out of one drill bit?

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People often ask:

how to sharpen your drill bit

Read all about how to sharpen your Lihit paper drill on our other blog. See Paper Drill category.

How many sharpens do you get out of one drill bit?

This question depends on how well the drill bit has been maintained. Assuming due maintenance of the machine is observed, the general answer is between 10 and 20 sharpens per drill bit.

How to Tell When your Drill Bits Need Sharpening

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How to Tell When your Drill Bits Need Sharpening

We often receive calls from people telling us that their drill bit is smoking and/or turning blue. These are indicators that either it is time to re-sharpen your drill bit or the paper is being drilled through too slowly hence heating up the metal drill which will then turn blue and/or smoke.

If your drill bits are lubricated with the drill bit wax stick, it will bore through the paper stack using less friction hence keeping the drill bit from overheating and turning blue.

It is preferable to be vigilant and check on the sharpness of your drill bit on a regular basis.

Warning! With caution and with the machine TURNED OFF! Take extreme care not to cut your finger, gently feel the end of the drill bit. If it is smooth and does not have a sharp edge then your drill bit is blunt and requires sharpening.


How to Sharpen Paper Drill Bits

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To sharpen your drill bit

  1. Take your drill sharpener and position it under the paper drill bit (with the sharpening tip facing up) resting it on the baseboard (protection board).
  2. Once you have the drill sharpener properly aligned with the drill bit, switch on your paper drill then slowly bring the drill bit down over the tip.
  3. Only leave the drill bit on the sharpening tip for 1-2 seconds. Turn off your machine.
  4. To complete the sharpening process take your de-burring stone and position it parallel and completely flush against the side of your paper drill.
  5. Cautionmake sure that your fingers are well out of harms way! With the de-burring stone held flush against the drill bit and fingers out of the way, turn on the drill and allow the stone to buff off the excess metal which will have built up and flared out from the bottom edge of the drill bit after the sharpening process. 

Correct Paper Drill Maintenance

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Electric paper drills or often referred to as paper punch machines require regular service. If you own a paper drill you will most likely agree that they are the most abused piece of equipment in the office or mail room.

The reason for the mishandling is that paper drills such as the Lihit brand are often used (and sometimes misused) by many operators who in their defense are not trained to know how to correctly maintain their equipment to keep it in good operating order. Far too frequently their drills are allowed to blunt as they do not realize the drill bits can be easily and quickly sharpened. The operators do not realize that they need to change the baseboards which are also known as protection boards which do just that, they protect the drill. Let’s look at these points a little closer.

Height Adjustment of Drill Bit

It is critically important that the height adjustment of your paper drill is checked regularly. You would be surprised how many operators actually drill through the protection board (baseboard) then continue to drill right through the drilling table!

To adjust your drill bit depth: Ensure that the machine is switched off. Lower the drill bit down to be flush with the baseboard also known as a protection board then tighten the height adjustment knob to prevent the drill from drilling past this point.

Sharpen Drill Bits Regularly

Your paper drill will have come with a sharpening kit. Use it regularly to extend the life of your paper drill. We recommend sharpening your drill bit as soon as it shows any sign of labour. A good rule of thumb if the machine is used daily would be to sharpen the drill bit every other day. A blunt paper drill bit will make drilling through your paper stacks difficult and it will begin to smoke and discolour. We highly recommend a regular drill sharpening routine for this reason. It is also wise to have at least one spare paper drill bit handy in case it snaps during your drilling job.

Lubrication Sticks
If you do a lot of paper drilling or your paper stacks are particularly thick, it is beneficial to brush a lubrication stick against your drill bit every 3-5 holes as it makes the drill so much easier to drill through the stacks of paper.

Baseboards are there to protect your paper drill bit from going blunt too soon. It is well worth replacing the protection boards regularly to preserve your more expensive drill bits.

So if you feel you need some assistance maintaining your paper drill just download our free paper drill tip fact sheet.

Unicorn has all the paper drill supplies you require to ensure your paper drill is kept in perfect condition. If your machine has worn out we also sell a wide range of electric paper drills to suit your specific requirements.

Dual Spindle Paper Drills

Dual Spindle Paper Drills can be very expensive. Models such as the Uchida VS200 are over $6,000, they are good machines but we thought the Lihit 2005 was more realistically priced particularly for an office paper punch. The Lihit 2005 two hole paper drill drills standard ring folder sized holes through 50mm or a ream of paper at the press of a button.