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Comb binding is the cheapest style of binding

Comb Binding often called coil binding is a great way to bind internal document when pages need to be inserted or extracted easily. This document was bound with a CombMac binding machine.

Comb Binding

Comb binding for many people is the preferred and most familiar way to bind documents.

The main advantage of plastic comb binding is that pages can be added whenever required. The combs can easily be re-opened to insert extra pages as needed.

The hole profile of comb binding is 21 rectangular holes punched down an A4 page.

You will notice that comb binding has rectangular holes which fit the profile of plastic comb consumables.


Also if your documents are very thick, this is about the only option you have, since wire and spiral binding is limited to 250 sheets. Plastic comb binding allows you to bind documents just over 400 sheets in capacity; that’s nearly half a ream of paper!

Plastic comb consumables are less expensive than double loop wire and many people believe it is the easiest way to bind a document. Personally, all styles of binding are relatively easy once you get the hang of it.

Deciding on Whether to Purchase a Manual Punch or an Electric Punch Machine

Frequency of use is not your only consideration when determining whether to buy a manual punch or an electric punch machine. It really comes down to how many documents you will be binding in any given run, how much time you have to bind them and your budget.

A good quality manual comb binder such as the CombMac 240M is easier and quicker to use than struggling with a cheaply manufactured electric punch machine!

Having said that, if you compare apples with apples; by comparing an electric punch binding machine with its manual counterpart then you can bind up to 4 times faster using the electric machine. Mac make the perfect electric binding machine, the CombMac 240E. It is super fast, it has a very powerful and efficient motor, it is very easy to use and truly reliable. Its optional base enables the comb closer to be detached from the machine so that 2 people can share the binding process. This naturally speeds the binding process up even faster and eliminates operator fatigue!