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Unicorn Office Equipment legendary strength.  We sell a wide range of quality binding machines, paper shredders, laminators, paper punch machines, electric staplers and a wide variety of associated consumables.

Unicorn provides quality equipment which is priced to a standard not to a price tag. Our binding machines for example are easy to use and built to last. Our shredders are quiet and powerful. Talk to us, see what we can offer you in professional service and equipment.

Wherever you are in the world, we would like to welcome you to the Unicorn Blog. We really won’t be writing much in our blog on the topic of this beautiful mythical creature. However, it is noteworthy that the legendary stories of the Unicorn have spanned the globe from ancient times. A creature portrayed by so many cultures, spanning from east to west, of having amazing strength and endurance.

It is from this platform our company’s creed was built. It is from this platform the equipment we endorse is manufactured; that being of superior strength and endurance! You can read more about us on our Unicorn Home Page if you like, but here we wish to share with you our knowledge. Not on a subject quite as captivating as Unicorn myths, but on a more practical level, that being on the subject of office equipment.

People of ancient times used stories, such as the story of the illusive Unicorn, to pass on knowledge down through the generations. In more modern times we tell our children old fables, through which their creative minds draw on the moral to the story. Now in the electronic age we Google it!

So our moral obligation to the cyber world is to pass on our knowledge to anyone who seeks the information regarding office equipment which we have accumulated for over 20 years. From listening to our customers’ most frequently asked questions, we have posted as much detail as possible. Many topics are discussed including how to use a wire binding machine, all about security levels and paper shredders, what the difference is between binding styles, how to sharpen paper drills, how to change the drill bit in your paper punch, office machine maintenance and service, what to look for when purchasing equipment and many, many more. With your help, through enquiry we can keep expanding our posts. Everything we write is from our own experience and expertise. We take great care to get all the facts correct, to explain each concept in plain English and illustrate difficult concepts through pictures and video demonstrations.

We sincerely hope that the information contained within our blog topics help you resolve any queries you have regarding your office equipment requirements. We invite relevant questions and also welcome your comments! It is so encouraging when others acknowledge our effort. Please feel free to leave your own ideas and experiences. Knowledge builds on knowledge so why not keep the trend going.